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Vector Trace Tutorial with Coreldraw

Vector  Trace Tutorial with Coreldraw

Image of vector is a picture that is composed of straight lines or curved lines arranged in a systematic and mathematically therefore called a vector to form an image. Examples of vector-based programs are CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia FreeHand. I have made a previous Vintage Effect Photoshop Tutorial & Soft Focus Effect Using the Blend Mode (Photoshop Tutorials). now I’m going to make a Vector Trace Tutorial with Coreldraw. Here I will try to make the Tutorial Vector with human objects (Vector Trace Tutorial with Coreldraw) using CorelDraw program.

These are photos that I use

This is the result

Vector  Trace Tutorial with Coreldraw

Here are the steps:
• First open the program CorelDraw, here I am using CorelDraw X4.
• File> Import (Ctrl + I). Then select the photos you want in the trace or used as a Vector Image.

• Then select the Bezier tool and use the Trim, Weld, also INTERSECT to download the Trace Object


• With the Bezier tool Tracing formerly part of the face or eyes with light-colored outline to make it look the line.

• After that Trace All parts of the body, also with a clear outline.

Vector Trace Tutorial with Coreldraw x4

• Then Give color on the Trace you can hold left click on color choice to display more colors.

• After that, change is the hairline to None

• Then give effect to some parts of the Object Transparency

• To discard the photo finishing the Import and replace with your own background.

Thank You and Good luck

Is another example using the same methods

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