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Seven Lim Guinea Pig : P and Q

Seven Lim Guinea Pig : P and Q

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Seven Lim Guinea Pig : P and Q

Seven Lim Guinea Pig : P and Q

Well … the photo above is a picture of my friends named Seven Lim with his guinea pig named P and Q. P is the guinea pig type Sheba while Q is a manifold silkie guinea pig. Photo above taken at the park where I work. P and Q were taken by seven to work and left to play in the park. in the morning I’m fun to photograph P and Q and Seven were wanted in photographs with P and Q as well.

Guinea PigĀ is a species of rodent that goes into the family and the genus Cavia Caviidae. Mice Dutch did not come from the Netherlands, but came from the Andes. Animals are widely used as pets by humans. Andean immigrants in New York sells Dutch rats for meat. [1] Mice dutch often incorrectly referred to as guinea pigs, other animals are similar but larger.

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