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Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding Restu & Ade “Sukabumi”Pre Wedding Ulan & Murry “Kota Tua”Pre Wedding Ai & Dilla “Kawah Putih”

Pre Wedding

pre wedding are enshrined the precious moments before the couple married. results of pre wedding photos can usually be used as souvenirs for wedding guests, invitations or exhibited or presented at the wedding room. The couple, who will perform the wedding typically do with the concept of pre wedding photo of their choice, but not least also to submit the concept to the photographer. The concept of pre wedding usually selected based on passion, equality and the hobby of couples who want to pre wedding photos. Many also choose a location pre wedding in an outdoor location with a beautiful background scenery (Landscape Photography) and old buildings (Architectural). There also are choosing pre wedding photos in the studio but want to change the background to the beautiful scenery, it can be done by a photographer and digital imaging artist. It’s fun to capture the moment just before the wedding to remember the beautiful memories. All can be done with a pre wedding photos.


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